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In today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape, the need for skilled Incident Handlers has never been greater. Incident Handlers are the first responders who play a vital role in detecting, containing, and mitigating cyber incidents within organizations. With the rising frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks, having a dedicated Incident Handler is essential for effectively managing security breaches and minimizing potential damage. These professionals possess the expertise to identify the root cause of incidents, swiftly respond to security breaches, and restore normal operations while preserving critical digital assets. By promptly addressing incidents and implementing preventive measures, Incident Handlers contribute to reducing the impact of security breaches and protecting sensitive information. In a world where cyber threats continue to evolve, the expertise of Incident Handlers is crucial in maintaining the resilience and security of organizations' digital environments.

Combat Threats with Expertise in
Incident Handling and Response

Unlock Your Potential as a Certified Incident Handler with EC-Council's Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) Certification

  • Globally curated: EC-Council's Certified Incident Handler program developed in collaboration with cybersecurity practitioners worldwide
  • Specialized expertise for effective post-breach management: Reduce impact on finances and reputation through comprehensive skills and knowledge
  • Rigorously developed interactive program: Structured, standards-based training for real-world incident handling and response
  • Comprehensive training with hands-on labs: Real-scenario experience for career-driven professionals, aligned with industry frameworks
  • Holistic approach: E|CIH program covers comprehensive concepts for organizational incident handling and response, from preparation to recovery, safeguarding against future threats.

Discover the Advantages of EC-Council's Certified Incident Handler Course Training offered by PathGlow

Acquire advanced knowledge, gain industry recognition, and unlock promising career prospects with PathGlow.

  • Two Year Access to E-Courseware
  • Detailed 24+ Hour Theory and Practical Training
  • LAB Access for Practice
  • Industry Expert Coaching and Soft Skills Training
  • 60% Faster Placement and 80% Faster Productive Engagement
  • Placement Assistance and Future Readiness
  • Salary Assessment Assistance
  • Experiential Learning with Live Projects and Cutting-Edge Tools
Program Information for Incident Handling Enthusiasts

Building the pillars of Network Security: Ace the E|CIH Exam with 9 modules and 24+ hours of training to ace the E|CIH exam

E|CIH Course Syllabus / Outline

Master the Foundations of Incident Handling: 9 modules and 24+ hours of training to ace the E|CIH exam

  • Module 01: Introduction to Incident Handling and Response
  • Module 02: Incident Handling and Response Process
  • Module 03: Forensic Readiness and First Response
  • Module 04: Handling and Responding to Malware Incidents
  • Module 05: Handling and Responding to Email Security Incidents
  • Module 06: Handling and Responding to Network Security Incidents
  • Module 07: Handling and Responding to Web Application Security Incidents
  • Module 08: Handling and Responding to Cloud Security Incidents
  • Module 09: Handling and Responding to Insider Threats
Who Can Benefit from the Certified Incident Handler (E|CIH) Certification
  • Penetration Tester
  • Vulnerability Assessment Auditors
  • Risk Assessment Administrators
  • Network Administrators
  • Application Security Engineers
  • Cyber Forensic Investigators/ Analyst and SOC Analyst
  • System Administrators/Engineers System Administrators/Engineers
  • Firewall Administrators and Network Managers/IT Managers

Passing Score

E|CIH allows cybersecurity professionals to demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and skills required for Incident Handling.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to sit the E|CIH Exam, the candidate must either:

Attend official E|CIH training through any of EC-Council’s Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) or attend EC-Council’s live online training via iWeek or join our self-study program through iLearn (see https://iclass.eccouncil.org).


Candidates with a minimum of 1 year of work experience in the domain that would like to apply to take the exam directly without attending training are required to pay the USD100 Eligibility Application Fee. This fee is included in your training fee should you choose to attend training.

Clause: Age Requirements and Policies Concerning Minors

The age requirement for attending the training or the exam is restricted to any candidate that is permitted by his/her country of origin/residency.

If the candidate is under the legal age as permitted by his/her country of origin/residency, they are not eligible to attend the official training or eligible to attempt the certification exam unless they provide the accredited training center/EC-Council a written consent/indemnity of their parent/legal guardian and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning. Only candidates from a nationally accredited institution of higher learning shall be considered.

  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Exam Title: EC-Council Certified Incident Handler
  • Test Duration: 3 Hours
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Availability EC-Council Exam Portal
Explore the world of E|CIH: Download the Brochure

Equip yourself with the E|CIH program and gain the expertise to detect, manage, and respond to incidents effectively. This intensive 3-day training empowers information security professionals to become professional incident handlers, setting them apart from others in the field. Learn all essential aspects of incident handling, containment, and IT infrastructure restoration.


PathGlow is the ATC (Accredited Training Center) and Official Partner of world-renowned organization EC-Council. EC-Council is the world leader in the Ethical Hacking, Web Application Security, Penetration Testing and Cyber Forensic courses and certifications.

Does the course focus on theory, practical aspects, or a combination of both?

We ensure that your learning experience is hands-on, emphasizing practical application over theory. You'll gain real-world experience through actual projects with tangible consequences, not just through demonstrations.

What are your batch timings?

We conduct classes on both weekdays and weekends, with flexible hours to accommodate the schedules of students and working professionals. Weekday sessions typically last 2 to 3 hours, while weekend sessions range from 4 to 8 hours for a comprehensive learning experience.

What if I miss a cybersecurity class?

We are committed to keeping you informed about any missed lessons or late arrivals, ensuring there is no compromise on your individual progress. In the event of a missed lecture, we provide a parallel class to bring you up to speed.

Tell us a little about who would train us?

Our experienced instructors, with over 5 years of cybersecurity experience, don't just teach about cybersecurity. They focus on giving you knowledge that you can use to succeed in this field.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Certainly! Upon successfully passing the course completion exam, you will be awarded a PathGlow course completion certificate.

Can I pay the course fees in installments?

Yes, we do offer the option to pay the course fees in installments.

What if I decide to leave in middle of the course?

There will be no refund if you do not complete the course and leave in between.

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