Master Tester Full Stack Automation Software Testing Course

With the increasing complexity of software applications and the need for end-to-end testing expertise, organizations are seeking skilled professionals who can navigate diverse technologies, platforms, and frameworks. PathGlow’s comprehensive Master Tester course is specifically designed to equip aspiring full stack software testers with the essential knowledge, practical skills, and industry insights to excel in their careers. By enrolling in our course, professionals can enhance their proficiency in front-end and back-end testing, master automation tools, and gain hands-on experience in agile development practices. This course will serve as a valuable stepping stone to boost their career prospects and open doors to exciting opportunities in the dynamic world of software testing.

The Rising Demand for QA Engineers and Full-Stack Software Testers
  • Increasing software complexity has added to the growing demand for full stack software testers and QA engineers
  • Integration of testing activities throughout the software development lifecycle necessitates full stack QA engineers
  • Need for professionals skilled in diverse technologies, frameworks, and platforms
  • Alignment with agile methodologies and continuous integration practices drives the demand for QA & Software Testing expertise
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Gain cutting-edge expertise, navigate dynamic challenges
& shape your future in the realm of Software Testing.

  • Full stack automation software testing
  • Industry expert coaching
  • Industry ready training
  • Soft skills training for interviews
  • 100% placement assistance
  • LAB access for practice
  • 60% faster placement
  • 80% faster productive engagement
  • Future-ready software testing training
Program Information for Master Tester

Unlock a new level of expertise in 130 hours with Master Tester Course

Master Tester Course Syllabus / Outline
  • Module 1: Brush up of Manual Testing Concepts
  • Module 2: SQL for Software Testing
  • Module 3: Core Java for Automation Testing
  • Module 4: Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Module 5: Web Application Testing using Selenium
  • Module 6: Code Repository Tool – Git/SVN
  • Module 7: BDD Testing using Cucumber
  • Module 8: Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using Jenkins
  • Module 9: Mobile Application Testing using Appium/BOTm
  • Module 10: API Automation Testing using REST Assured
  • Module 11: Load and Performance Testing using JMeter
  • Module 12: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) using UiPath
  • Module 13: Introduction to Security Testing
  • Module 14: Domain Module by Experts
Who Can Benefit from the Master Tester – Software Testing Course
  • Experienced engineering graduates & post-graduates – BE/BTECH Computer, IT, EXTC Engineers, etc.
  • Candidates having 1+ year of experience in relevant domain
  • Experienced science graduates & post-graduates – BSc/Msc IT/CS, Maths, BCA, MCA, etc.
  • Software engineers planning a career transition
Ignite your Potential with Master Tester

Unlock the full potential of your software testing profession by downloading our brochure. Explore the comprehensive course offerings, delve into the details of our industry-driven curriculum, and discover how PathGlow’s training can take your skills to new heights. Join the Master Tester course today to give your software testing career the boost it deserves. Download the brochure now to embark on your journey towards professional success in software testing.

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