Learn Software Testing Course in Mumbai

Learn Software Testing Course in Mumbai

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How is software testing carried out?

Software testing is the process of assessing and confirming that a software application or product performs as intended. Testing has advantages such as bug prevention, lower development costs, and better performance.

Reasons why software testing is crucial

Few would contest the necessity of quality control when creating software. A brand's reputation can be harmed by late deliveries or software flaws, which can result in irate and lost customers. In extreme circumstances, a bug or flaw can harm connected systems or lead to significant problems.

Think about how Nissan was forced to recall more than 1 million vehicles as a result of a software flaw in the airbag sensor detectors.

Even though testing is expensive, businesses with effective testing techniques and QA procedures can save millions of dollars annually on development and maintenance. Early software testing reveals issues before a product's launch. The sooner test feedback is received by development teams, the sooner they can fix problems like:

  • Architecture Mistakes
  • Faulty Design Choices
  • Functionality that is Erroneous or Invalid
  • Flaws in the Security
  • Scaling Problems

Software reliability increases when testing is given enough room throughout development, and high-quality programs are produced with few defects. A system that satisfies or even surpasses customer expectations may increase sales and market share.

Welcome to Pathglow

PathGlow Edulab is an industry-focused centre of excellence that offers 100% placement aid while it educates and develops talented individuals in the field of software testing.

You get the unmatched benefit of training at PathGlow with top-tier professionals, managers, and industry experts in a world-class setting. Improve your learning by using cutting-edge technologies and approaches, live projects, and realistic job simulations. Develop into a sought-after professional who is prepared to be absorbed into the top organizations

We are here to launch your software testing career. Learn alongside professionals on projects that are identical to real-world tasks, benefit from using cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge processes, and feel the exhilaration of simulating real-world work.

PathGlow – the cool way to become a Full Stack Software Testing Pro!

PathGlow is software testing training institute based in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

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