Software Testing Certification Course in Mumbai, India.

Software Testing Certification Course in Mumbai, India.

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The adage "One man's shoddy software is another man's full-time work" is true.
Did You Notice?

Hey, do you recall the recent global outage on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram for a few hours? Even though these companies dominate social media, they still apologies to millions of regular people. The lesson learned here is that no business can afford any reputational damage, public humiliation, or financial costs associated with downtime in today's digital environment. I know by now you start thinking that why I am telling you all this, there is a reason behind it and the reason is the software tester. Software testers play a crucial role in all this.

Things About Software Testing

Software testing is a mammoth process of assessing the developed product to check whether it meets the set requirements. These requirements are a rough depiction, closely related to what an end-user might be expecting from the software. And this job could only be justified by phenomenal software testers, who know what is required to provide the best online experience.

The lack of "skilled digital talent" is a significant issue that needs special attention. The future of software testing in India and the rest of the world is quite bright. The search for the appropriate talent is ongoing, though. It's crucial for the pursuer to pick a software testing course that will guarantee success whether you're one of the people hoping to break into this exciting field or even just want to improve your abilities to meet criteria set by the business.

Researchers Say…

According to Grand View Research, the value of the global market for business software and related services would reach USD 322.91 billion by the end of the year. Its anticipated growth from 2021 to 2025 is 10.7%. Wow, the future seems quite bright for software testers. Brace yourself with the best software testing course available in the market.

Let's look at another example that shows the potential for software testing in India and around the world. Just read this: “In the first quarter of 2022, there were around 2.11 million apps available for iOS users on the Apple App Store and 3.3 million apps for Android users on Google Play”. What do you understand after reading this information? There are millions of apps vying for users' attention, every app confronts intense competition. And they all want good Software Testers who can do, what they desire, and what their consumers desire.

Fact: “Apps that are not updated will eventually disappear. Every improvement must also undergo extensive testing while vying for market supremacy.” A war is on, only the best can survive here. Get yourself an industry-best, search Pathglow on your device, they got what the industry demands.

About Certification Course

In the software testing course at Pathglow, you would learn the ins and outs of software testing as well as its core methods, which would be a stepping stone or a prosperous start to your career. In a sense, whether you are an expert or a fresher, these credentials would enhance and add a great deal of value to your CV.

This certification is most widely recognized for software testing at a foundational level as well as an advanced level. Currently, expert-level certification is being developed. For all these levels, the working groups of ISTQB are operating internationally so that the candidates can prepare well for the roles like software testers, test managers, test analysts, IT directors, and quality assurance managers. These certifications will test your knowledge of the fundamentals of testing and quality assurance.

So, with PathGlow fast-track your career towards a rewarding future with an industry-ready curriculum and full-stack software testing courses, which are a balance of theory and practical. Do you know you could achieve a lot if you’re properly trained? Nowhere else in Mumbai can you get the 100% assured job placement aid that Pathglow offers.

Who Can Do A Software Testing Course?

There are no required prerequisites for this course; instead, your approach to the course will determine your readiness. However, a few certifications at the most advanced level would require experience (also varies from course to course). And if you happen to have the benefit of coming from the engineering field, that is a side bonus.

You can start out as a Software Testing Technician if you don't have a degree but still want to work as a tester. It should be noted that it is a profession that is gradually expanding. Your progress here may be fleeting if you have a tech-savvy mindset, and desire to learn.

Well, it all depends on whether you intend to pursue the program as a mere vocation or a passion, and that decision is crucial.

After reading all this, if you feel pulled to this professional path, visit to find out how to improve your possibilities in just three months! Enroll in PathGlow's Full Stack Software Testing Course today, and watch as your future soars.

PathGlow is a software testing training institute based in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

And remember, become a reliable Software Tester who can identify product issues before they go to the user.

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