Software testing training institute in Mumbai.

Software testing training institute in Mumbai.

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Software testing courses can secure a software testing job, for sure. PathGlow can bestow an assurance card for that to you!

Today, in this digital arena we all are dependent on a plethora of Apps and softwares for our daily needs and every move. Smartphones have become a kind of body part and social media has become a new place to hang around. Everybody is looking at their smartphone or computer screens all the time.

You know, this whole digital world is run by using, softwares!

What is software?

Software, in its most general sense, is a set of instructions or programs instructing a computer, smartphone, or tablet to do specific tasks.

Everything that “runs” on a computer or on a smartphone, from an operating system, to a diagnostic tool, video game, or any app can be defined as software.

What is software testing?

Software is always shot in the dark if it’s not been tested properly. And the software industry is aware of this risk and they are giving more spur to software testers than they used to be. In short, the career is booming at this point. Companies are looking for real talent.

So, one thing is super certain and that is software testing jobs.

And for a software tester job, what do you require most?

Skills! And skills can be cultivated. Anybody can learn that, even a kid with the right training and education can do a software testing job.

Software testing is the process of examining and authenticating that a software or application does what it is meant to do.

The job of testing includes designing & running tests of software usability. The tester will conduct tests, analyse the results and report observations to the design team.

They are the ones who prevent bugs and improve the performance! Ones who are behind the smooth experience we have during accessing the mobile application or computer program.

Every simple application requires a number and variety of tests. Testing effectiveness is optimised by running the fewest number of tests to find the largest number of defects. And that skill requires practice and knowledge. And a mentor who can teach you the right way of doing things.

What are the advantages of The PathGlow?

PathGlow offers a holistic training approach that covers a wide range of software testing techniques and methodologies. By enrolling in PathGlow's courses, individuals can harness the power of the following key areas in software testing:

1) Test Automation: Master Agile & DevOps by acquiring automation skills that accelerate development cycles and ensure software reliability.

2) User Acceptance Testing: Expertly analyze user experiences and expedite software acceptance by identifying user-centric issues.

3) Regression Testing: Facilitate continuous change and development by executing systematic regression tests that catch potential regressions.

4) Performance Testing: Guarantee application reliability through Performance Engineering, ensuring optimal performance under varying conditions.

5) Accessibility Testing: Learn to ensure universal accessibility by addressing the needs of differently-abled users and enhancing inclusivity.

6) Scriptless Test Automation: Enhance your app's speed-to-market by adopting scriptless automation techniques that streamline the testing process.

7) AI-led IoT Testing: Elevate IoT and smart device testing by incorporating AI to accelerate the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

8) Robotic Process Automation: Gain insights into the future of test automation with RPA, staying ahead of the curve in the dynamic testing landscape.

Companies are looking for whom?

Professionally trained software testers are in great demand nowadays, companies are seeking good talented software testers with required skills. One can either become part of an independent software testing company or join an internal software testing department in a leading firm.

The demand for niche skills like SOA testers, Security testers, etc. is high nowadays owing to a vast shortage in skills in test automation areas. And that opens the door to everyone who wants to be a software tester. However, one must keep in mind the fact that specialisation is a must in a testing career – One needs to specialise to move ahead in the career path of testing.

Mumbai: The next IT hotspot

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India is going to be the next IT hub of the country. The island city has also attracted some of the major IT corporations to open their multiple campuses in the city. As of now, these IT companies in Mumbai have provided 2 lakhs plus jobs and this is just the beginning. The city gained the attention of top IT companies as it is easier in Mumbai to source talent from premium institutes.

Who are we (PathGlow)

We are here to amp-up your career in Software Testing. We train and nurture skilled professionals in the software testing domain. Learn with the software pundits on projects similar to live projects, experience the thrill of real work simulations, and get the awesome advantage of using avant-garde tools and unorthodox methodologies, with 100% placement assistance.

PathGlow – the cool way to become a Full Stack Software Testing Pro!

PathGlow is a software testing training institute based in Ghatkopar, Mumbai

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