The Tale of Two Testers

The Tale of Two Testers

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Once upon a time there were two bright, hardworking, career oriented Software Engineers, proudly armed with their degrees, raring to go and ready to conquer the Software World! Let’s name them Vijay and Vijaya because they truly felt like victors – fully equipped to rule the software development space! Their dream: To be Software Developers with top notch companies, developing the whole gamut of the software bouquet – the host of Management Software, Production Software, Medical Software, Web based Apps, Mobile Apps, Gaming Apps – you name it, they wanted it all, because for them variety was the spice of life! But they were very clear on one thing – the variety had to necessarily be in Software Development alone, because that was the cool place to be - the cream of the crop career option! This was their dream and they had been carefully and resolutely preparing for it, burning the midnight oil, putting all their eggs into that one basket named Software Development!

But many interviews down the long and tiring road, Vijay and Vijaya realised, that their dreams were becoming more and more distant and oh how it sucked! They reluctantly settled for jobs as Software Testers! Their world came shattering down, because this was not what they had worked so hard for! Their ambition was to make dough quickly in their awesome software development jobs – but their reality totally sucked!

Sounds familiar does it?

And then came the pandemic which added to the woes of people across the globe – no one was spared! But wait a minute, sad as the pandemic was, something just changed positively for the Vijays and Vijayas of the software world! Suddenly everything went online and how! Vijay’s and Vijaya’s world just opened up because there was a tearing need for Software Testers! Everyone was going digital. There was a tsunami of apps flooding the digital world for every conceivable human need - Banking, Insurance, Shopping, Education, Entertainment, Travel, Utilities, Health, Food, Gaming, Lifestyle and the list simply kept growing!

But then there was no longer the luxury of time for the Software Engineer! App Development and Testing time was severely crunched. There was almost a life threatening need for ensuring that these apps which were developed in a hurry, would work well and without glitches! Everyone was high strung and everyone was online and the software world suddenly discovered the immense importance of the Vijays and Vijayas it had thus far ignored and treated as second class citizens! Vijay and Vijaya were now in high demand – their time had arrived! Vijay suddenly transformed from the ordinary Peter Parker to Spiderman and Vijaya from the lowly Linda Lee to Supergirl – they felt invincible and were finally true to their names – VIJAY and VIJAYA!

If you feel this is a fairy tale – think again! The happy truth is that, reality is staring you in the face…. And for a change that reality favours Software Testers! Just look at how the whole world-wide workforce transported their offices to their homes literally overnight and how teachers and students transformed their homes into online classrooms – again literally overnight! It is amply clear that the Software Tester’s world is finally the cool place to be! You are an essential part of keeping the millions of software apps and the whole plethora of management, production, healthcare and business software ticking.

Software Testing is no longer the tail-end option of the Software Engineer’s career…. Your digital fairy godmother has waved her magic wand and transformed Software Testing into a much sought after career option! The underdog has transformed into the Top Dog and that Top Dog is only going to grow from strength to strength – because digital dependence is here to stay!

Hey, do you remember the few hours of outage of Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook that the world recently experienced? The two global disruptions within a week were said to be due to faulty configuration changes. These are social media giants and yet they had to graciously apologise to the millions of ordinary people, because it is the patronage of these ordinary millions which made them the awesome brands that they are today! The take away is that no company can afford any loss of reputation, embarrassment and cost of downtime in today’s digital world, and that’s why the role of the Software Tester is so important and so life-saving for every organisation today!

Here’s a friendly tip - As a Software Tester, speed and accuracy are of utmost importance – something you just can’t compromise on! But no worries! You don’t have to be all stressed and superhuman to achieve these non-negotiable goals! Test automation driven by AI and ML tools is here to be your superhuman partner, to help you make a successful career in this much sought after field! Not much into AI and ML Tools? No Worries!

The awesome news is that we can get you there in just 3 months. Yes you heard it right! Isn’t that pretty cool? Three months is all you need to transform into a full-fledged Software Tester and prepare you for an amazing career in Software Testing. What’s even more awesome is that we give you 100% placement assistance! Isn’t that simply super cool?

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